Horze Pile Lined Lightweight Brushing Boots


  • £6.50

Superior workmanship is seen in these high quality protective boots.


Tough yet lightweight protection boots provide excellent leg protection for horses in exercise or turnout. These attractive, all-purpose boots have faux fleece linings, creating a comfortable, chafe-free surface against the horses legs. The soft pile lining keeps legs cool and dry with shock absorbing protection during the toughest workouts. Sand and other debris won't slip inside the boot causing irritation and discomfort to the legs. Bead piping defines the top edge of the boot for a unique look. The Horze logo and slogan "Its a lifestyle" adorns one of the three Velcro straps that secure the boot.




Designed to be worn on both the front and hind legs

Easy care

Sold in pairs


Washing instructions:


Machine wash, cold or warm water. Close Velcro prior to washing. Air-dry.

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