Horze Hi-Vizibility Reflective Tail Guard

Horze Hi-Vizibility Reflective Tail Guard


  • £7.00




One size



A comfortable reflective tail wrap your horse will love

A necessity for riding in low light or inclement conditions, Horze reflective tail guard assures you are noticed by others or motorists.

Sturdy nylon and neoprene lining provides high quality, durability and long lasting comfort riders demand.

Easily slip the tail on the open cover and fold over to secure with double Velcro strips. This will not slip off or tangle because of the superior construction.

Highly reflective, vehicles will have no problem spotting you and taking precautionary measures keeping everyone safe.


One size,  High visibility,  Velcro strip secures cover in place. Neoprene lined. Durable nylon cover, Reinforced stitching provides durable, long lasting use

Details:           Made of Neoprene and high quality nylon with reinforced stitching Benefits of neoprene Adds reinforcement and guards against abrasions as few materials do. Adds durability and product lifespan.

Neoprene lined products are more expensive due to increased safety and durability.

Close straps prior to washing. Hand wash for best results. Air dry

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